Programmes by SBOC

Spelling Bee Literacy Programme

The literacy programme enables each and every child (between the ages of 6 – 15 years) to understand and capture spelling concepts. All children and youth will register and receive a study booklet with the official words to study; they will also have coaching sessions and then enter their regional competition as a Primary, Junior, or Intermediate participant. Regional competitions will be held in either the Community Spelling Bee (includes those children – public and/or private - whose schools are not a part of the Family of Schools at that point in time) or the School’s Spelling Bee (Family of Schools). The mastery of Literacy enables the children and youth to comprehend the ever-increasing volume of information required to articulate their ideas and express themselves creatively. We are aware of research and documentation that links poor literacy skills to social and emotional problems later in life.


This will be a National & Global programme to encourage Penmanship and Literacy in Children and Youth. The aim of this program is to develop friendships amongst youngsters across borders to understand and to learn about the different cultures, social environments and educational systems.


  • Continual promotions in the community of several Schools & community organizations working together for Literacy, Youth and Education, Reference Letters for High School Students